Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic for Reflections (part 3) with Katy Jon Went & Esther Lemmens
This is the third Reflections conversation with Esther – you can find the first one (episode 25) here and the second one (episode 50) here.

Episode 75

Reflections (part 3)


1 hr 8 min. Recorded on 15 February 2022. 

In this third Reflections episode, Katy interviews Esther as she reflects on further conversations she’s had with gender-diverse folks, what she’s learned about gender, as well as her own journey and how she and the podcast have evolved over a year and a half since the podcast started. We’ve surpassed 23,000 downloads now!

We also talk about imposter syndrome, intuition and following the flow, prioritising self-care, expanding on pronouns, improvising and thinking on the spot, reclaiming labels, coming out of the spiritual closet, how the lines between being on the outside and being on the inside are blurring, and that being an ally benefits us all; not just those we are being allies for.

“If you feel like dressing a certain way, presenting a certain way, acting a certain way; if that feels natural and good to you, it doesn’t matter if it’s normal or a stereotype or whatever. If that’s your truth, then that’s your truth.”

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