Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Medha Murtagh for A Clear Perspective on Gender – a channeled message by Oron and Medha

Episode 74

A Clear Perspective on Gender


35 min. Recorded on 22 November 2021. 

This is an episode with a spiritual twist. I have a conversation with Oron, through Medha. Medha is an intuitive energy healer and channeler – to be exact, a direct voice channel. Medha has a podcast called A Clear Perspective, where she shares the guidance that comes through from Oron in answer to people’s questions.

A channel or channeler is someone who could be considered a vessel for metaphysical energies who brings through information or guidance. A direct voice channel, like Medha, allows the intended energy to flow through her and translates that into words in real time, as it were.

Now you may be wondering, who is Oron? Medha says she hasn’t found a good way of explaining this without it sounding like she’s possessed (like, accessing an altered state of consciousness), but she does say the following: “When I’m channeling Oron, I feel the compassion and wisdom of the universe flowing through me. I get to feel how much the universe is there to love us, to support us, and to give us – not necessarily everything we want – but everything that we’re ready and willing to receive.”

Oron start by talking about what it takes for Medha to allow this energy to come through, and then about expansion and going beyond right and wrong, external and internal division, how truth lies on a spectrum, reclaiming your sense of self-worth, power versus force, coming into inner harmony, what self-love really is, and returning to wholeness.

“You want to feel safe. You want to feel worthy. And the reason you want this is because deep down there’s a part of you that knows that it’s your natural state.”

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About Medha

Medha Murtagh is leading a revolution in personal growth. She is a writer, podcaster and founder of Oron and Medha, a spiritual consultancy that helps people who’ve been working on themselves for what feels like forever, to start joyfully supporting themselves, instead.

Medha struggled through her personal growth and spirituality for decades before realising that she was doing it all wrong, and she wasn’t alone. She saw that a lot of the material that’s currently out there has the unintended consequence of making people criticise themselves and ignore aspects of themselves in an effort to ‘be better’. Medha firmly believes that the masses of tension and divisions that we currently see in the world are a direct reflection of the tension and divisions that we’re all experiencing inside of ourselves as individuals. And that when we each learn to truly love, accept and encourage ourselves, we will change the world.

Medha has been an intuitive energy healer for over 15 years and has worked with hundreds of people. She is renowned for making inner work fun, transforming the confusing and complicated into clear understanding and practical actions, and for helping people reconnect to their own knowing and power (rather than becoming dependent on her). Medha channels a collective called Oron, and their infinite wisdom and compassion inform a large part of her work.

Medha can’t stop herself from screaming ‘puuuppyyyyyy’ every time she sees a dog. Large bodies of water recharge her soul and she loves starting her days by sitting on her bench and watching the movement of the trees while being serenaded by birds. She’s looking forward to the day her bird friends finally fetch her coat, Snow White style. When it happens, you’ll see it on Insta.

You can find Medha on her website, on Instagram @oronandmedha and on YouTube, Oron and Medha.

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Gender identity and self love – by Oron and Medha

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