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Episode 73

A conversation with Paige Loewen


51 min. Recorded on 25 January 2022. 

Paige is married to a transgender woman, Esther (Elle), who came out to her in October 2020. They’ve been married for 16 years and have two children. Esther had a conversation with Esther (confused yet? 😉 ) in episode 68.

We also talk about being married to a troubled person, becoming more bold and growing into your skin, learning to communicate our needs, the freedom in speaking your truth, going through your own journeys together, that it’s ok to not put a label on yourself, and how we may find ourselves in one closet or another.

CW: there is brief mention of suicide in this episode.

“I’ve even had some people say I am being held against my will…that’s ludicrous…like I don’t have an option. Of course I have options, but I don’t want any of those options, you know? I want this. And regardless of whether you think it’s ok or you could handle something like this, you don’t have to. This isn’t your spouse. This is my spouse.”

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About Paige

“I love all beautiful things. I’m obsessed with plants/gardening and home improvement projects. I have a hard time sitting still. I am a home health nurse and love my job as director of nursing, I am a mom of two amazing boys ages 7 and 10, and I am a wife of 16 years to a transgender female who came out to me just over a year ago.”

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