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Episode 104

A conversation with Jason Lee


1 hr 2 min. Recorded on 29 March 2024. 

Jason’s pronouns are he/him, and he is intersex and transgender (a trans man), as well as heterosexual and neurodiverse. Find out what that means to Jason in this episode.

We also talk about disconnecting from the body and reclaiming yourself, the role of genetics in hormone therapy, and Gender Recognition Act reform.

CW: suicide, bulllying, electric shock therapy, sexual assault, abuse, and trauma.

“This has been in me since… as long as I can remember. How on earth can I be cured of something that is in-built?”

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TRANSCRIPT [expand to read] – COMING SOON

About Jason

First legally married transgender person in the UK, LGBTQI+ Youth Worker, National Diversity Award Nominee in the LGBT Positive Role Model category, previous presenter on Pride Radio (The T-Boys Show).

You can find Jason on LinkedIn under Rainbow Skills Academy, on TikTok @rainbowskillsacademy and Instagram @rainbowskills2024.

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