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Episode 103

A conversation with Ray Briggs


51 min. Recorded on 24 August 2023. 

Ray’s pronouns are they/them (he/him is also ok) and they are genderqueer, boi, and also a practicing bisexual, and T4T. Find out what that means to Ray in this episode.

We also talk about ways to be queer, the expansiveness of the term bisexual, philosophy and decision making, ignoring possibilities, the essence of womanhood (or lack thereof), testosterone’s physical and emotional effects, how to define aggression, consent policies, and being impossible.

“Transitioning, and looking more male to the casual observer, has really driven home to me how much casual sexism there is because I experience a lot less of it now… it’s kinda nice but it’s also really gross.”

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About Ray

Ray Briggs is a professor of philosophy at Stanford University. They co-host the weekly radio show Philosophy Talk, and they also enjoy writing poetry. Their book What Even is Gender?, co-authored with B. R. George, was published in 2023. They have an amazing dog named Blossom; the rescue organization had her labeled as a “lab mix”, but nobody truly knows what kind of dog she is.

Ray Briggs photo credit: Bendix Kemmann

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