Hey there, good human.

I see you. You care about making loved ones, friends, colleagues and strangers feel seen, valued, and included.

And of course, this is important in every aspect of life; whether you’re planning an event, speaking on stage, charing a meeting at work, running a webinar, encountering someone in the supermarket, or interacting with customers, clients or patients directly in a 1:1 setting.

But… It can be challenging. It’s not as simple as that.

If you are:

  • Unsure about how to use inclusive language when it comes to gender
  • Feeling like they keep moving the goal posts because the language changes so often
  • Trying really hard not to unwittingly offend, but you’ve tripped up a few times and didn’t know how to put it right (ouch)
  • Aware that everyone’s experience is unique (so how do you know what’s the right thing (or wrong thing) to say?)

You’re not alone.

I would love to help you soothe the confusion and overwhelm.

You see, being a better ally to gender-diverse (and other marginalised) folks is a journey.

  • It’s about asking difficult questions – asking yourself, that is.
  • It’s about being open to having uncomfortable conversations.
  • It’s about being willing to get it wrong and treating others – and yourself – with compassion and grace.
  • It’s really about becoming a safe person – for others, and for yourself.

Sound good? Then this workshop is for you.

Join Esther on this journey of exploration, reflection, and awareness. You will learn in a safe space, without judgement.

Purple quote marks in a white circle
“”I took Esther’s allyship course a couple of years ago when my youngest was struggling to understand gender and their own gender identity. I wanted to support and guide them in the best way I possibly could so I reached out to Esther. Esther created a safe space in which I could talk about all of what I was feeling and thinking, and offered incredible wisdom that guided future conversations with my youngest. I am so grateful for this course, and the deepened connection it forged between me and my child.”

Suzanne Gamache (she/her) | Suzanne Gamache Healing

What’s included?


Covering the basics first


Exercises for reflection and journalling


Downloadable interactive worksheet PDFs


For day-to-day, work and life situations
Purple quote marks in a white circle
“Doing Esther’s Allyship course alongside my husband was a wonderful experience as we got to explore our ideas, biases etc. together and learn about one another. This further led to some more fruitful discussions and awarenesses. After these explorations I feel we know each other even better and have even more mutual respect. 
This course should be taken by everyone, especially by those who do not identify themselves as part of the LGBTQAI+ community. We need more understanding, empathy and tolerance. This course is a start in what becomes a lifelong allyship journey.”

Debi (she/her)

What we will cover

We talk about the LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup and what it all means, the difference between sex, gender and sexuality, language and communication, and how to put it into action.

Image of module 1 header slide. It reads "welcome & introduction: about allyship"
Image of module 2 header slide. It reads "The LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup: sexuality vs sex vs gender"
Image of module 3 header slide. It reads "sexuality: about attraction"
Image of module 4 header slide. It reads "sex: about biology"
Image of module 5 header slide. It reads "gender: about identity & expression"
Image of module 6 header slide. It reads "language & communication: titles, names, pronouns & labels"
Image of module 7 header slide. It reads "putting it into action: real-life examples"

Hi! I’m Esther.

Picture of Esther drinking a cup of tea out of a mug with Metatron's Cube on it (her design)

In July 2020, I started the podcast and now, in October 2023, I have released episode 100! I didn’t expect that when I was still trying to figure out how on earth I could do this thing I was passionate about: provide a platform for marginalised voices from beyond the gender binary to be heard.

As you may have heard me say, I’ve been sitting on this course for a while. Not just testing and refining; I’ve had doubts about putting it out into the world. I was worried I’d be speaking out of turn; that I’m no expert so what right do *I* have to talk about this? And, what if people who know more/are ACTUALLY gender-diverse tell me I’m taking up a space that THEY should be occupying?

I voiced my concerns to a trans non-binary friend (who’s an activist). They said “please do it. You can have my place. I’m tired.” Wow. Point taken. And if that wasn’t enough, one of my business mentors (who is white) really hits the nail on the head in their article about racism “[I] didn’t want to create harm by misspeaking. Until I got that not speaking was harmful as well.”**

So I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned. Because I am in service to this community, and by hiding I serve no one at all.

That said, I invite you to learn not FROM me so much as WITH me. I’m still learning, too. Every day, and with every conversation I have. It never ends.

I have some strong opinions, but when it comes to learning (and teaching), I appreciate a gentle approach. This is a safe space. There will be no preachy stuff. No judgement. We all are where we are. All it requires to start is a willingness to be curious and open-minded.

Now, join me on a journey of inclusion, acceptance and respect.

Purple quote marks in a white circle
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Esther creates a safe environment where it is easy to discuss any aspect of such a complex topic. I’ve learnt a lot, but most importantly, I developed stronger confidence to explore further my own gender and identity. I have found the strength to articulate things that have been muted for years. This course is essential learning for those who seek to better understand gender, identity and sexuality for themselves or to be a better ally to others.”

Seb (he/they)

What people gain from doing this workshop

Increased awareness

of all our internalised conditioning

Different actions

in day-to-day life, with compassion

More confidence

to navigate uncomfortable conversations

Understanding intersectionality

an insight into marginalisation

Purple quote marks in a white circle
“Allvship isn’t heroism. It’s humanism. We all owe allyship to each other as a basic human right. So don’t go into a space with the mentality of fixing, saving, or freeing others. Let the ego at the door and enter with the intention to learn, elevate and achieve dignity together.”

– Rain Dove

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the workshop?

That depends on the group size and setting. Around an hour and a half when held online for a group, and I like to allow around 3 hours for in-person workshops. It can be adapted to your needs.

How many people can take part?

This workshop can be run 1:1, for small groups, or for larger groups. Please enquire below and tell us what you need.

What if I would like an in-person workshop outside of Norwich?

Esther is occasionally able to travel. It depends on the timing and the location. Please enquire using the form below and let us know your needs.

To find out more and/or to book a workshop, please fill in the form below.

*Esther is occasionally able to travel outside of Norwich. Travel expenses and accommodation costs are in addition to the workshop price.
Feel free to add a date and time (range) if you have this information available.


Help yourself to these free PDF guides.

Picture of the 'using gender-neutral language' free PDF guide

Gender-neutral language

Picture of the 'common (and less common) pronoun examples' free PDF guide

Pronoun examples