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Episode 102

A conversation with Carrie Marshall


1 hr. Recorded on 10 October 2023. 

Carrie’s pronouns are she/her, and she is a trans woman. She’s also a lesbian, and demisexual. Find out what that means to Carrie in this episode.

We also talk about transness only making sense in the rearview mirror, how much more challenging things can become once you start transition, what the anti-trans movement has in common with the witch trials, being ambushed in the media, why everything is gendered, hope for the future, and walking unafraid.

“You don’t want to attract attention from other people…but you don’t have the knowledge or the skills to avoid attention. So what you do to try and blend in actually makes you stand out.”

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About Carrie

Writer and musician Carrie Marshall’s memoir, Carrie Kills A Man, was shortlisted for the 2023 British Book Awards. She lives in Glasgow with her two children, a greyhound and more guitars than are strictly necessary and is the singer and main songwriter in Glaswegian rock band HAVR, which rhymes with flavour. In addition to her memoir, Carrie has written, ghost-written or co-written over a dozen non-fiction books, a radio documentary series, a novel and a lot of unsent social media posts.

You can find Carrie on Linktree, @carrieplaysguitar.

What we discussed & useful links

Carrie Kills A Man book cover (by Carrie Marshall)
Carrie Kills A Man by Carrie Marshall

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