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Episode 101

A conversation with Mattia Maurée


57 min. Recorded on 21 July 2023. 

Mattia’s pronouns are they/them, and they are nonbinary trans, agender, genderqueer, transmasc, autigender, AuDHD, and queer (as well as neuroqueer). They also use the labels relationship anarchy and poly. Find out what that means to Mattia in this episode.

We also talk about being taken seriously when you’re outside the gender binary, what counts as an apology and what doesn’t, assumptions about presentation, the importance of diverse transition stories, performing gender, how advice for different neurotypes can be conflicting, and navigating intersectional marginalised identities.

“I’m not performing masculinity at a high level. I’m not performing femininity, either. I’m just kind of existing.”

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About Mattia

Mattia Maurée (they/them) is a composer, writer, and AuDHD coach. They’re passionate about redefining creative success for neurodivergent and disabled folks. Special interests include Arctic puffins, theoretical physics, and the neuroscience of trauma healing. Hear more on their new podcast, AuDHD Flourishing.

You can find Mattia on their website, and on Linktree @mattiam. Mattia’s podcasts are The Longer Road and AuDHD Flourishing.

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