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Episode 92

A conversation with Finley Areset Brand


56 min. Recorded on 18 February 2023. 

Finley’s pronouns are they/them, and they are transgender, non-binary, agender, and a demigirl. Autigender is another label they are considering adding. They are also autistic, polyamorous, and kinky. Find out what that means to Finley in this episode.

We also talk about the connection between facets of identity including gender, neurodivergence, polyamory and kink, feeling safe to be authentic, reclaiming childhood and nurturing the inner child, misconceptions about kink and sex work, body appreciation and recovering from an eating disorder, and trying to function in a society that’s constructed for people who are not disabled.

“We’re not scary…we’re just people trying to be happy with who we are, and we’re just trying to engage in life in a way that’s authentic for us.”

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