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Episode 38

A conversation with Devi Irony


49 min. Recorded on 9 March 2021.

Devi’s pronouns are they/them, and they are a non-binary person. Find out what that means to Devi in this episode.

We also talk about the freedom that can come from embracing a label, how certain body parts are not necessarily gender markers, societal conditioning and standards and playing with gender presentation, how gender fits into BDSM and kink, what ‘sex work’ can include, kink trends in times of a pandemic, and the importance of touch and human contact.

Terminology: AFAB = assigned female at birth

“”While I do enjoy [my breasts] very much, I am only now considering getting a reduction; it’s mostly for physical comfort…I don’t find them dysphoric…they are not a gender marker for me.”

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About Devi

“Hi, I’m Devi Irony, or… Irony if we are on friendly terms. I am a Non-binary Dominant from Montreal, Canada. I have been a sex-worker/activist & educator within the local scene for roughly 13 years now. I have modelled and performed in fetish events around the world for the last 7 years. BDSM plays a very integral role in my everyday life. I also enjoy making epic latex pieces (mostly for myself). Outside of kink, I produce and perform in various burlesque & drag shows. Outside of all of that, I am an artist and an enormous nerd. My current obsessions are Dungeons & Dragons and WOW.”

You can find Devi on Fetlife, Devi-Irony, and the Fetish World podcast on and on Twitter, @FetishWorldPod.

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