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This is the second conversation with Harris for the podcast – you can find the first one from April 2021 (episode 41) here if you’d like to listen to that first.

Episode 91

Another conversation with Harris Eddie Hill


1 hr 6 min. Recorded on 16 February 2023 (not 30 January as said in the intro. Oops)

Harris’s pronouns are they/them or ey/em, and they are agender, non-binary, and trans (with a dash of ‘boy’). Find out what that means to Harris in this episode.

We also talk about being on testosterone, embodying queerness in intimate relationships, finding safety in yourself, navigating family dynamics and having consensual conversations, the importance of having access to a supportive community, what it was like living through Section 28 times, allyship and inclusivity, and exploring kink.

“‘Trans’ felt like a very expansive label…it allows me to express whatever is in there without limitations.”

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TRANSCRIPT [expand to read] – COMING SOON

About Harris

Harris Eddie Hill (they/them) is an out-and-proud nonbinary podcaster, best-selling author, and founder of Rude Recovery; a platform supporting other unique people to become bulletproof so they can enjoy their lives despite others’ unaccepting attitudes. Harris has survived and overcome trauma, unaccepting family members, cancer, abusive relationships and mental health challenges, yet has found their way to emotional freedom and are now passing that gift forwards.

You can find Harris on their website,, and on social media, @mxharrishill.

Book cover of Twenty Eight by Kestral Gaian, Harris Eddie Hill and others
Twenty Eight by Kestral Gaian, Harris Eddie Hill and others

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