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Episode 41

A conversation with Harris Eddie Hill


49 min. Recorded on 30 March 2021.

Harris’s pronouns are they/them or ey/em. They identify as trans non-binary, agender and trans-masculine. Find out what that means to Harris in this episode.

We also talk about doing gender differently, how finding your labels can help you find your people, how much our culture revolves around our reproductive capabilities, finding an unexpected calling as an introvert, and how gender happens to all of us.

“People are gonna turn out how they’re gonna turn out, and therefore talking about it is not dangerous, and being open about these things is not gonna harm anyone but it absolutely will support people and be a positive thing.”

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About Harris

Harris Eddie Hill is a 30-something year-old nonbinary person from Hertfordshire, UK. Harris realised they were trans/nonbinary in their mid-twenties and have since made the commitment to becoming the advocate they needed, but never had.

To date, Harris has taught and coached over 30,000 people in their mission to educate the general population about gender identity. An entrepreneur and seasoned LGBTQ+ advocate, Harris is dedicated to making every story as familiar to us as our own.

You can find Harris on their website, and on Facebook @mxharrishill, Instagram @mxharrishill and Twitter @MxHarrisHill.

You can find The Transection Podcast on and on Facebook @transectionpodcast, Instagram @transectionpodcast and Twitter @TransectionP.

Harris Eddie Hill photo credit: Angela Geldenhuys

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