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Episode 34

A conversation with Cassian Lodge


1 hr 6 min. Recorded on 23 February 2021.

Cassian uses singular ‘they’ pronouns (they/them/their/theirs/themself), and they identify as non-binary and agender. Find out what that means to Cassian in this episode.

Cassian started the Gender Census in 2011 and they talk about their main learnings and insights in the nine years of running it. We also talk about finding gender inside (or not), navigating public toilets, passion and experience versus education, the overlap between gender identity and sexual orientation, finding common ground where there appears to only be contradiction and conflict, and microactivism; how small actions can have big impact.

Terminology: ‘mix’ is how the gender-neutral title ‘Mx’ is pronounced.

You can find the results of the Gender Census 2021 (and previous years) on

“Something I want to ask a lot of people is, ‘when you look inside yourself for your gender identity, what do you find?’ and I think probably a lot of people would say that they don’t find anything.”

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About Cassian

“I’m 34, I run the Gender Census annually, I’m powered by curiosity, I like to knit, and I have a webcomic called Poly in Pictures that I update very infrequently.”

You can find out more about the Gender Census at and on Twitter @gendercensus, and Cassian’s personal Twitter is @cassolotl.

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