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Episode 42

A conversation with Evey Winters


55 min. Recorded on 4 April 2021.

Evey’s pronouns are she/her. She uses the labels transgender and transsexual woman, and also educates about both of these labels. Find out what that means to Evey in this episode.

We also talk about identity and how it forms, manhood and womanhood vs masculinity and femininity, metagender (which is what’s between cisgender and transgender), learning vs education, how to have conversations about gender, and exploring the uniqueness of womanhood.

“That whole language of ‘identify as’ suggests that my identity, that my womanhood…is some sort of an ongoing maintained performance, and that I could stop doing that performance; that I could cease my womanhood just by simply not identifying any more.”

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About Evey

Evey Winters is a transgender advocate, educator, and hot sauce addict.

You can find Evey on, on Facebook @eveywintersadvocates and Instagram @ladyeveywinters, and ‘You Might Wanna Learn More About Trans People‘ on, Facebook, Discord and YouTube.

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