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Episode 36

A conversation with Yas Necati


32 min. Recorded on 24 February 2021.

Yas’s pronouns are they/them, and they identify as non-binary. Find out what that means to Yas in this episode.

We also talk about detaching activities from gender, pre-colonial gender identities, the importance of writing a will and letter of wishes, why it is essential for public health policy to accurately record trans and non-binary gender identities on death certificates (which is currently not possible), and what we can do to respect and honour a person’s gender identity after they have passed away.

CW: death, suicide

“I definitely prefer that I was assigned female at birth, because I think I associate more with womanhood than manhood, but more with masculinity than femininity.”

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About Yas

Yas Necati is a journalist and writer based in London. They explore themes of queer and trans identity, migrant identity, mental health, recovery, community and resistance in their writing. They also campaign on gender-based and queer based-rights, run workshops on self care, and occasionally perform as their drag act alter-ego, Turkish pop star Tarkan.

You can find Yas on their website and on Twitter @yasnecati.

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