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Episode 61

A conversation with Dorothy ‘Thyo’ Pierre-Louis


46 min. Recorded on 24 August 2021. 

Dorothy Pierre-Louis uses he/him/his pronouns, and his nickname is Thyo (pronounced like Theo). He is non-binary and also uses the labels bigender and trans-masculine, as well as toric and graysexual. Find out what that means to Thyo in this episode.

We also talk about discovering identities beyond the binary, having the language to describe how you feel, experiencing attraction to attributes like softer and firmer rather than gender, being on the asexual spectrum as a raunchy person, aesthetic stereotypes and how they can vary by culture or country, and the challenges that arise when trying to communicate who you are to the outside world.

At one point, we get stuck on trying to think of the name of the person behind Philosophy Tube – her name is Abigail Thorn [find links and videos further down the page].

Terminology: AFAB = Assigned Female At Birth, and Allosexual = to regularly experience sexual attraction to others.

I don’t feel like a woman. Or at the very least, I don’t feel 100% like a woman. I feel like maybe there is some percentage of that, that I still feel connected to womanhood. But I definitely feel more connected to a feminine masculinity.”

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About Thyo

Thyo (pronounced like Theo) is a simple urban animal who resides with his friends in a cozy den in Philadelphia. He currently works as a technical recruiter and aspires to make it in the entertainment/media industry as a writer. This dream is slightly hindered by the fact that Thyo is a recovering survivor of the Ivy League education system. As such, he has a complicated relationship with writing and will likely never write ever again.

Besides being terminally online, Thyo also enjoys drawing, going to the park, watching documentaries, dancing, and kissing his homies goodnight.

You can find Thyo on Facebook @doroshi.pierre, Instagram @thyokun_o3o and Twitter @yasssthyo_o3o.

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