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Episode 72

A conversation with Talea Boelsems


1 hr 9 min. Recorded on 14 January 2022. 

Talea uses any pronouns, and they are agender and metagender. Find out what that means to Talea in this episode.

We get philosophical and dig deeper into gender identity, and we talk about the challenges with finding language for something just beyond our grasp, nature vs nurture and what is innate in our identity, and peeling away layers and finding nothing.

About a minute or so in, Talea mentions having aphantasia, which (according to Wikipedia) is the inability to voluntarily create mental images in one’s mind. She also mentions the old group that was retired, which refers to a Facebook group set up by Evey Winters. After that, Evey started the You Might Wanna Learn More About Trans People Facebook group.

“If someone comes to you and they’re like ‘hey, what does being a woman mean?’ you wouldn’t go like ‘are you sure you’re not non-binary?’ That would be super inappropriate. But somehow we’re kinda comfortable doing that with the trans label…it’s kind of like reverse gate-keeping, since instead of  keeping people out, we try to force people into our club.”

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