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Episode 69

A conversation with Zelda


57 min. Recorded on 16 November 2021. 

Zelda is happy for people to use the pronouns they feel are appropriate. She is intersex and disabled, and refers to herself as trans-adjacent. Find out what that means to Zelda in this episode.

We also talk about using fun vs boring as decision-making criteria as opposed to male vs female, having a gender identity as fluid as a body identity, knowing the science versus living the science, giving hope by being yourself, being a bridge between dualities, lucky genetic quirks, and being a special case.

“School doesn’t teach you the full story. If it did, there wouldn’t be a need for university. So when people say ‘well no, it’s just boy/girl, XY/XX, I learned that at school’, great, yeah, I’ve learned many things at school that were simplifications. Go and talk to somebody studying a PhD in biology and they’re gonna give you a different story.”

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