Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic for Reflections (part 1) with Katy Jon Went & Esther Lemmens

Episode 25

Reflections (part 1)


1 hr 6 min. Recorded on 25 December 2020.

This is another episode that’s different from the usual format. We are reversing roles, so Katy is interviewing Esther as she reflects on conversations she’s had with gender-diverse folks, what she’s learned about gender, as well as her own journey and how she evolved through it.

We talk about what it means to Esther to be cisgender, what gender diversity (or a lack thereof) was like growing up, how the podcast is a way of expressing her identity, recovering perfectionism, Vulcan philosophy, and that in the end, we are all more alike than different.

“For each episode I also make a website post, and I realised…making this page, it’s become kind of a ritual, because I feel like I’m honouring this person and their journey.”

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TRANSCRIPT [expand to read] – COMING SOON

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