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Episode 26

A conversation with Angus Brown (Annie)


33 min. Recorded on 4 January 2021.

Angus’s pronouns are she/her, and she identifies as a transgender woman and butch lesbian. Find out what that means to Angus in this episode.

We also talk about the balance of masculinity and femininity, the evolution of the word ‘lesbian’, that labels can resonate whatever their original meaning, how gender identity influences self-expression, navigating being a teenager again, sexuality and attraction, and that moving from one side of the line of androgyny to the other side is only a small step.

“I knew I was queer before I knew HOW I was queer.”

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About Angus

Musician and performance poet Angus Brown sold maybe 10 copies of her first anthology, ‘Loving ≠ Knowing’ before finishing her degree and beginning a retail job so that she had something authentic to complain about.

Angus writes predominantly about mental illness and trauma, incorporating gender as a theme since questioning her own in early 2019. A year later she had adopted she/her pronouns and started wearing cropped trousers. We find her like this, wearing too much eyeliner and dropping independent rock bands into irrelevant conversations. In future she plans to pursue teaching.

You can find Angus on on Spotify and Instagram @papillondumatin.

What we discussed & useful links

Gender Euphoria, Sexuality, Mental Illness – Recognising Angus Brown

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