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Episode 58

A conversation with Greyson


50 min. Recorded on 7 August 2021. 

Greyson is a trans man, but identifies with wolfgender, which is a xenogender. Greyson uses he/him/himself as well as wolf/wolfs/wolfself pronouns. Find out what that means to Greyson in this episode.

We also talk about discovering your identity through playing someone else, separating gender from male/female, man/woman and masculine/feminine, how queer identities are a lot of work, self-medicating with testosterone, respecting artistry and artists by paying them well, and how gender journeys are a great way to get to know yourself deeper.

Terminology: ‘being on T’ means being on testosterone, and a fursona is a furry’s character or alter ego.

“The thing is about queer identities, it’s such a lot of work…a lot of people that don’t have these identities don’t realise that it’s so much work to become the person you are, but also look back and realise that that’s the person you always were.”

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About Greyson

“I’m Greyson! A 25 year old trans guy that lives in the south of England. In the past couple of years, I have dived head-first into the world of the furry fandom, and have discovered the xenogender identities inside it, and have made my own called ‘wolfgender’! Through the fandom, I’ve also explored my skills as an artist and have now opened up a small shop on Etsy, and sell commissions through my Twitter account to help me raise the money for top surgery!”

You can find Greyson on, on Twitter @thewolfjaw and on Etsy, and his top surgery crowd funder on GoFundMe.

The Fandom : A Furry Documentary

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