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Episode 88

A conversation with Lux


55 min. Recorded on 22 July 2022. 

Lux’s pronouns are he/they, and he is a queer, genderfluid, polygender, non-conforming man. Find out what that means to Lux in this episode.

We also talk about seeing labels as a field, the need for softness as well as radicality in activism, how gender identity is separate from gender expression, the pathologising of queer identities, not being able to simplify your complexity into a static gender, how gender plurality and sexual fluidity intertwine, and not leaving any part of us out.

“All the years of confusion, actually… maybe I wasn’t confused; I was just trying to simplify myself and put myself in simplifications that don’t fit for the complexity of who I am.”

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About Lux

“I am Lux/Lucas Voclere (He/They), one individual with an always self-reflectingly evolving identity that can be described by infinite labels. None of those define who I am or how I need to behave and think. They rather exist as dynamic fields of understanding, – understanding for myself and others about my identity, life experience and perspectives. Labels are referential points about the ever-growing flow of who I am & my journey.

Among other things, I am driven by meaning, purpose, humanism, existentialism, personal development, relationships, wellbeing, creativity, art, curiosity, playfulness, learning and the celebration of diversity, beauty and connection in all their forms. Also, the fostering of serenity.

I am most and foremost Queer. It’s the only word that has the power to encompass the flows and complexity of my identity & expression regarding my gender, sexuality, sex life, activism and more…
It also encompasses my neuroqueer identity as a neurodivergent autistic combined ADHD and most likely combined HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) individual. Note that I have a lot to say about the intersectionality of neurodivergent so-called conditions and how neurodiversity needs to be fully reconceptualised. Maybe for myself HSHAT (Highly Sensitive Hyperactive Autistic Thinker) or HSM (Hyperactive Sensitive Mind)?

My gender can notably be described as: Queer, genderqueer, genderfluid, polygender, cisgender(ish), man(ish), gender non-conforming, gender non-normative, gender rebel, genderfuck, gender free spirited…

My sexuality: Queer, multi-sexual, omnisexual, bisexual, gay… I am also ambiamorous/polyamorous.

I am a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor with a background in cinema & theatre, and customer & corporate services. I also happened to be a French expat who has been in the UK for over ten years.

And I am so much more than all of that… I am.”

You can find Lux on their website, and on Instagram @PurposefulSelf and Twitter @PurposefulSelf.

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