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Episode 97

A conversation with Kate Brookes


49 min. Recorded on 3 August 2023. 

Kate is a cisgender woman and uses she/her pronouns. She’s also the parent of a transgender child. Find out what that means to Kate in this episode.

We also talk about the challenges of deciding on a name, being in transition as a family, the privilege of having access to an accepting community, how important it is to be an ally and educate ourselves, that acceptance is protection, and telling stories in a responsible way.

CW: Please be aware that there is mention of suicide in this episode. Also, in this conversation, Kate uses her daughter’s old pronouns and name (which is a pseudonym) to communicate how she identified at a given time. This is in line with how their story is told in Kate’s new book, Transister: Raising Twins in a Gender-Bending World [link below], which was just released, on August 8th.

“…I think some of the ways to combat the hate is through education, awareness and the telling of stories. So in that way I thought it was pretty important to share our story, albeit in a responsible way.”

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About Kate

Kate Brookes is the author of “Transister” (She Writes Press, Aug. 8, 2023). She is an award-winning TV reporter/anchor-turned-producer/filmmaker who has interviewed everyone from Beyonce to the late Barbara Walters, field produced for The Discovery Channel, written for, and emceed galas, live events, and webcasts for nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies. An activist since her teenage years, Kate has devoted countless hours to the causes she supports, including mental health, housing justice, and anti-gun legislation. But it wasn’t until realizing she’d completely botched the birth announcement for her twins that she became active in LGBTQ causes. Kate lives with her husband and rock star children in New York City.

You can find Kate on her website, on Twitter @transistermom, Facebook, Goodreads, and Bookshop.

Book cover of Transister: Raising Twins in a Gender-Bending World by Kate Brookes
Transister: Raising Twins in a Gender-Bending World by Kate Brookes

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