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Episode 29

A conversation with Joe


1 hr. Recorded on 8 December 2020.

Joe’s pronouns are he/him, and he identifies as a femme boy, non-binary, and trans. Find out what that means to Joe in this episode.

We also talk about socialisation and reinforcing gender stereotypes, performing gender versus living gender, medical versus social transitioning, mental health struggles, how being willing to get it wrong is better than staying silent when it comes to supporting people, and the benefits of simplifying life.

CW: suicide, self-harm, threat

“We fight misrepresentation, but we also then engage in our own forms of misrepresentation in the same way towards each other…we understand when that gets done to us, but I don’t think we always understand when we’re doing it to other people.”

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About Joe

Joe Fear/Henson has worked in third-sector support services for the LGBTQ+ community for over five years in both London and Norfolk. He is an educator and trainer with an MA in Gender, Media and Culture who delivers training on improving inclusivity in workplaces of all sectors, specialising in policy, clinical practice, education in schools and creative learning. He works with the Norfolk LGBT+ Project, a local charity supporting LGBT+ individuals of all ages with a range of services from low-cost counselling to social and support groups and advocacy. He is also an artist and runs his own small business as an illustrator.

You can find Joe on his website Joe Fear Illustration and more about his charity work and training on the Norfolk LGBT+ Project website.

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