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Episode 48

A conversation with Cara Wilde


46 min. Recorded on 1 June 2021.

Cara has two children, one of whom is transgender. Find out more about Cara’s journey in this episode.

We also talk about questioning your gender and looking beyond body parts as a cis person, assumptions and misinformation about hormone/puberty blockers, supporting and empowering your child and watching them thrive, what it would be like if we were all free to explore gender, and why we should all question what’s considered normal.

Terminology: cis = cisgender (meaning someone whose birth sex matches their gender identity), TERF = trans exclusionary radical feminism

Disclaimer: Please note that neither Cara nor myself are medically trained, so always do your own research. There are some resources about puberty blockers/hormone blockers below.

“I always see diversity as something to be celebrated; it’s how our soul wants to experience this lifetime…it’s just been this massive opportunity for growth in this really enriching way.”

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About Cara

“I help people to fall wildly and blissfully in love with themselves and celebrate their authenticity. I believe that each persons authenticity is an important and significant piece of the Divine blueprint for creating a Heaven On Earth. I know. Big statement. I”m a channel, mystic and Empath. I’m also neurodiverse, home educate my two children, run a business and can be found hanging about in Stone Circles, trail running or talking with spirit.”

You can find Cara on her website,, and on Instagram, @wildecara.

What we discussed & useful links

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