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Episode 32

A conversation with Cameron


31 min. Recorded on 18 January 2021.

Cameron’s pronouns are she/her, and she is a newly discovered woman. She refers to herself as female but trans. Find out what that means to Cameron in this episode.

We also talk about gender roles in society and relationships, how life has changed after coming out only a month before this conversation took place, and the role of loss in embracing your true self.

CW: abuse, death

“I don’t see myself as a trans person first; I see myself as female. It’s the mechanics that makes me trans rather than the identity.”

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About Cameron

“Hi! I’m Cameron, a Doctor of Computer Science, University Lecturer and newly discovered woman. It’s clear that I’m going to be shopaholic in addition to pampering myself and enjoying fast cars – pretty much all of them but Formula 1 in particular!”

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