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Episode 82

A conversation with Angela Locashio (aka Mama Pistachio)


49 min. Recorded on 18 May 2022. 

Angela’s pronouns are she/her, and she says she’s always open to they/them. She is an autistic, queer, genderqueer woman. Find out what that means to Angela in this episode.

We also talk about following social scripts and role playing, how authenticity and performance are not mutually exclusive, vulnerability, understanding all parts of ourselves, how we are wired to choose acceptance over authenticity, being yourself in the workplace, the intersection between gender and neurodivergence, and how we are all normal.

CW: cancer

“We get to choose. intentionally, how we present ourselves. And when we look at a situation and we see that [it’s] unsafe, and therefore being 100% raw is not an option…but it’s still authentic if you’re intentional about how you are presenting yourself…in a way that YOU want, not that somebody ELSE wants.”

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About Angela

When you think about an educator, trainer, and coach, the image in your head probably isn’t an awkward, super-nerd who spends time role-playing or ghost hunting on their favorite video game. That—and a whole lot more—is about to change!

Angela is an advocate for nerdy, neurodivergent, and queer folks and dedicated to supporting these professionals as they show up in their spaces, consensually and within their integrity, to work in—or run their own—businesses their way.

When not helping clients slay their proverbial dragons, you’ll find Angela chatting with other autistic folks,—discovered that after 40!—researching the sensory nervous system and the stress response cycle, or playing D&D with her family.Angela is a trained trauma-informed educator and coach. She holds a master’s degree in education, is trained as a strategic intervention coach, and a variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion certificates. As an advocate for the autistic and LGBTQ+ communities, she finds it important to be aware of policy and challenges in these communities. As such, she is also an ACS certified sexologist and holds membership in the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, Modern Military Association of America, and the World Association for Sexual Health.

Angela offers 1-1 coaching for nerdy, neurodivergent, & queer entrepreneurs, mentorship for professionals, and consulting for organizations to create inclusive environments.

You can find Angela on her website, on Discord and on LinkedIn.

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