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Episode 77

A conversation with Jenn


56 min. Recorded on 27 January 2022. 

Jenn doesn’t have much of an attachment to pronouns and says they or she are fine. They are genderfree, and she also gave us the labels autistic and fat. Find out what that means to Jenn in this episode.

We also talk about choosing your own gender badges, the absurdity of assigned gender roles, being conscious of gender-neutral language, how autism in women is underdiagnosed, the limited choices when it comes to clothes, the balance of body neutrality, the various struggles fat people face, and putting the rainbow first rather than it being an afterthought.

CW: fatphobia

“I was born into a body that’s female…I’m a human with a female biological configuration. But as for the rest of it, I’m just a human, really.”

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About Jenn

Jenn runs their own business from their laptop, setting up websites and tech systems for micro businesses. She loves to travel and has a special fondness for Eastern European history and architecture. She’s very introverted, self diagnosed high functioning autistic and loves to find the funny side of life (not always easy).

Although they don’t feel affiliated to any gender, they fully support others’ right to identify in whatever way they feel most comfortable.

You can find Jenn on their website and on Instagram @jenn_hell_yeah.

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