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Episode 99

A conversation with Tash Corbin


46 min. Recorded on 12 July 2023. 

Tash’s pronouns are she/they, and they are neurodivergent, non-binary, a genderfluid woman, and queer. Find out what that means to Tash in this episode.

We also talk about what is non-conforming enough, the experience of being sexualised, how showing up with our imperfections builds connection, marginalisation and intersectionality, how we all have internalised misogyny, racism, homophobia and transphobia, seeing each other’s humanity, and feeling safe to be yourself.

“I don’t fit the box of ‘straight woman’…I also don’t see gender as a spectrum; for me it’s far more a globulous mess of things. And I’ve collected a fewthings that feel like they belong in my little mess of things.”

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About Tash

Tash Corbin is an online business owner who helps women and non-binary folk to start and scale their businesses. She is known for her heart-centred approach to marketing, and the inclusive spaces that she curates online and in-person, including her Facebook community and her business conference.

You can find Tash on their website and on Facebook @tashcorbincoaching and Instagram @tashcorbin.

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