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Episode 44

A conversation with Tara Dax


45 min. Recorded on 9 May 2021.

Tara’s pronouns are they/them, and they identify as non-binary. Find out what that means to Tara in this episode.

As well as geeking out on Star Trek and conlangs (constructed languages), we dive deeper into masculine and feminine. We also talk about finding resonance in pronouns, meaning in a name and connection in a character, and debunking certain gender arguments people assume are rooted in biology.

Terminology: PCOS = polycystic ovary syndrome

“Trans rights and dignity and humanity should not even be dependent upon what the biology says or what the science says…if it’s real enough for somebody to identify as trans, it’s real.”

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About Tara

“I’m a bisexual, nonbinary person, who happens to be a lot of other things, too. I’m a biologist, a streamer, a cosplayer, a retro game collector, and lots of other things.”

You can find Tara on and other links on linktree: Spacemermaid.

What we discussed & useful links

  • The meme created by Tara:
Meme created by Tara Dax. At the top, an image with a female alien character saying "Are you two friends?". At the bottom, two characters from Star Trek Voyager; Tuvok on the left with the text "no" and "biologists", and Harry Kim on the right with the text 'yes" and "transphobes".
Example of bimodal distribution. On the left, a bar graph with 2 bars, representing female and male. On the right, a wavy chart with 2 peaks left and right and a valley in the middle, which represents intersex variations.
Visual representation of chromosomal varieties in males and females

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