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Episode 56

A conversation with Juno Roche


1 hr 4 min. Recorded on 13 July 2021. 

Juno’s pronouns are they/them, and they are trans and queer. Find out what that means to Juno in this episode.

We also talk about being a writer as part of identity, affirming surgeries versus trying to preserve youth, transitioning into transness as opposed to into a woman, being attracted to masculinity rather than men, owning your skin and celebrating yourself, being an intimacy virgin, and getting lost in words.

“The word ‘trans’ is a celebration. And I feel like my transness is a gift to me and a gift to the world.”

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About Juno

Juno Roche is a writer and campaigner whose work around class, gender, sexuality and trans lives has been funded by the likes of The Paul Hamlyn Foundation and described as ‘provocative and innovative’.

Juno studied Fine Art and Philosophy at Brighton and English Literature at Sussex, and writes for a wide range of publications including Bitch Magazine, Dazed, Vice, Broadly, Cosmopolitan, The i, The Independent, i-D, The Tate Magazine and Refinery29.

Their first three books, Queer Sex, Trans Power and Gender Explorers were published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Their memoir, A Working-Class Family Ages Badly, will be published by Dialogue Books in 2022.

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What we discussed & useful links

Cover of Queer Sex book by Juno Roche
Queer Sex by Juno Roche
Cover of Trans Power book by Juno Roche
Trans Power by Juno Roche
Cover of Gender Explorers book by Juno Roche
Gender Explorers by Juno Roche

Juno Roche: Why I no longer feel the need to use the word woman

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