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Episode 105

A conversation with Sofie Hagen


57 min. Recorded on 21 May 2024. 

Sofie’s pronouns are she/her and they/them, and they are non-binary and queer. Find out what that means to Sofie in this episode.

We also talk about being raised as a person, how boundaries can be a gift, that safe sex is as much about being present as it is about using protection, that all bodies are new bodies when it comes to having sex, how fatness often complicates everything to do with gender, building self-trust, and becoming a safe person for yourself.

“I’ve never wanted to be the ‘female comedian’ or the ‘fat activist’…I’ve always just wanted to be myself with everything that encompasses. But we just don’t live in a world where you’re allowed to just be a person, you have to fit in to some kind of box, and then that is who you are.”

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About Sofie

Sofie Hagen is a multi-award-winning London-based Danish comedian, author, podcaster, and content creator.

In 2015, Sofie won the Best Newcomer award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for her debut show Bubblewrap. She followed this up with the critically acclaimed sell out shows Shimmer Shatter in 2016, Dead Baby Frog in 2017, The Bumswing in 2019 and Fat Jokes in 2022.

Sofie published her debut book “Happy Fat” in 2019 and is the creator and host of the wildly successful podcast Who Hurt You?, co-host of BBC Sounds Original true crime podcast Bad People alongside Dr. Julia Shaw and has hosted several other successful podcasts. She has grown a huge social media following to compliment her podcast audience and is a much in demand speaker and comedian.

You can find Sofie on their website, on Facebook @sofiehagen.komiker, Instagram @sofiehagendk, and YouTube @SofieHagenComedy.

Sofie Hagen photo credit: Matt Crockett

Book cover of 'Will I ever have sex again?' by Sofie Hagen
Will I Ever Have Sex Again? by Sofie Hagen

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