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Episode 94

A conversation with Rachel Dover


1 hr 21 min. Recorded on 9 March 2023. 

Rachel’s pronouns are she/her, and she is a transgender female. Find out what that means to Rachel in this episode.

We also talk about being transgender vs having gender dysphoria, how coming out is a process, transitioning during covid, the actual and hidden cost of transition, how hard it is to get a GRC (Gender Recognition Certificate), how the term ‘TERF’ has evolved, and feeling like yourself.

“Transitioning is what happens in the background whilst I’m being busy living my best life, just being me.”

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TRANSCRIPT [expand to read] – COMING SOON

About Rachel

“I came out in mid 2018 after lots of self destructive behaviour patterns and, with help from counselling, after coming to understand that I could give myself permission to be Me. I’ve been married (a long time ago), have 2 adult age children (they don’t always act like adults, just ask my dad), and live on my own in a rural property with several cats and far more cars than one human really needs but not as many as I want.

I have written a book about my experience of coming to terms with being Trans, and the process of coming out and transitioning. I hope to publish in autumn 2023. I’m not an activist, I simply believe that I have a duty to speak up so those who can’t don’t need to.”

What we discussed & useful links

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