An anthology of HOPE:

Wishes and intentions for a brighter future
for our fellow gender-expansive siblings

Friends! I want your stories.

Stories about how coming out and living authentically changed your life for the better, despite the challenges.

Not to pretend there are no challenges. And not to downplay them.

For this project, I want to focus on stories of HOPE.

Because our people need to hear this.

Especially now.

Think about it this way: when you were in the closet, questioning, unsure, feeling alone – what messages would you like to have read? What would have soothed you, comforted you, knowing that better times could be ahead?

I want to make these stories into a book.

It can be anything from a short paragraph (approx. 150 words) to a short story.

You can sign your name in full, or just use a first name, or a pen name. Whatever you want.

I will be completely transparent about the money involved. Proceeds will go to an LGBTQIA+ charity, and you can nominate one if you like.

Big love to you all 💜



When is the final submission date?

We need your stories by 04/04/2024 at the latest, please.

How long should this piece be?

We’re looking for anything from a couple of lines (approx. 150 words) to a short story. It’s not an exact science.

How do I submit my story to you?

You can send us your words in the following ways using the form below:

  1. Uploaded text document (Word, Pages, PDF, etc)
  2. Online doc or resource (URL/link)
  3. Text pasted in the message box (note: this will lose any formatting)

Can I use a pen name?

Absolutely. You can use your full name, first name only, or a pen name, as long as the story is about your actual lived experience.

How much does it cost to take part?

It’s free to take part.

What do contributors get?

We plan to crowdfund to be able to pay our contributors a small fee (£10-25). They will also receive a paperback copy of the book. (Note: aside from self-publishing, authors usually pay to publish a book – be that a solo- or multi-author book. Prices range from hundreds to thousands of pounds. Esther is creating an information page to help budding authors understand this process better.)

Does my story have to be new, or exclusive?

If you’d like to use a story you’ve already written (and shared), that’s ok. It has to be based on your life experience, though. And we will not accept anything partly or completely generated by AI.

Do I need to have a big following or platform to be eligible to contribute?

No, not at all. We do ask that you help promote the book, and the crowdfunder, by sharing this with as many people as possible.

What formats will the book be available in?

In ebook format, and then paperback soon after. There are no plans for other formats yet (like hardback, audiobook) but who knows!

How and where will the book be published?

As for right now, the plan is to publish it on Amazon* and via IngramSpark. The ebook will also be for sale on the website in a variety of formats. If we find a way to fund a bigger print run, we could also sell the paperbacks on the website. We’re learning as we go so we’ll have to see what happens! (We’re not fans of Amazon, but truth be told, if we want the book to be out there and available to a wide-ranging audience, Amazon is the place for that.)

When will the book come out?

Hopefully, in late Summer/Autumn 2024!

Will the book include photographs, or text only?

We plan for this to be a text only book. We’ll definitely get creative with the layout, though!

How does it work with copyright? Is it still mine?

Yes. You own and continue to own the copyright to your piece of writing. You basically give us permission to reproduce your work for this anthology, and for promoting purposes.

What will you do with the income from book sales?

Once costs are covered, we will donate the proceeds to an LGBTQIA+ charity. If you submit something, you have the option to nominate one if you like. We will make public and be transparent about the funds raised and how they are used.


If it's something you've written before, where was it first shared/published?
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Word, Pages, PDF, or other simple text file are good.
Please be aware that there is no way to format the text, in case you'd like to use bold, italics, etc.
Your full name, a first name only, an initial (or two, or three) or a pen name are all fine. Plus your gender labels.
This will likely be on a separate page for all the contributors, or it may follow each person's chapter.
Please provide the charity name, website, location, and what they do.


  • Your submission must be about your real lived experience.
  • The copyright of the piece you are submitting must be yours.
  • We cannot accept anything partly or fully generated by AI.

Got more questions? Get in touch via the contact form.