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Episode 106

A conversation with Anshar Seraphim


59 min. Recorded on 1 May 2024. 

Anshar likes they/them pronouns, but because they present as male, they don’t really mind he/him. They identify as non-binary, because of their lack of exposure to gender constructs as an autistic person. Find out what that means to Anshar in this episode.

We also talk about expectations of maleness, sensory difficulties, navigating relationships, social exclusion and isolation, making connections, masking, opening up conversations, effective listening, and learning how to treat each other well.

“Pronouns can be about you or it can be about them. Is it about reframing your own language and your own ideas to better align with your own identity? Or is it about trying to give other people the right information about how best treat you as a person?”

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About Anshar

Anshar Seraphim was 75% nonverbal with autism at age 11. He didn’t receive his ASD diagnosis until he was 19 when he joined the US Navy. Realizing his social problems and communication issues were actually from a developmental disability, he decided with a heavy heart to leave a military career and take the time he needed to process that new information and make new decisions about how to live his life.

At the age of 25, after trying, as many neurodivergent people do, to learn how to mask and cope in social situations, his struggles inspired him to make psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and interpersonal dynamics into his autistic special interest. This new approach took him further than he ever expected into unexplored challenges, new relationships, and a new era of self-discovery.

Now in his forties, Anshar uses his journey to help teach others the power of psychology and communication in his consulting practice, where he helps entrepreneurs and organizations pursue their goals and chase their dreams using his unique perspectives on communication, self-expression, and psychology.

You can find Anshar on Linq: Anshar_Seraphim and on LinkedIn.

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